According to recent research, almost 80% of us suffer from speech anxiety, which makes the fear of public speaking one of the most common phobias that exists.

Whether you’re normally pretty confident or simply the thought of getting up in front of a room full of people immediately inspires the need to breathe into a paper bag, I’m sure we’re all familiar with that sweaty-palmed, shaky-kneed feeling that crops up when we’re about to make a big speech or presentation. Read more

If you’ve ever written the entrance exam of a government-owned tertiary institution in Nigeria, then you know the hustle is real. You don’t pass WAEC and start rejoicing. JAMB is there waiting to jam you, and Post JAMB is surely not your friend.
So couple of years back, I wrote this entrance exam with high hopes. I had made up my mind that the year will not pass by, so you can imagine the serious countdown I did towards release of the results.
Luckily, I made the cut- off mark and even surpassed it exceedingly. So I was rest assured that my admission was secured.
But lo and behold, first list came out, no show. ‘Hmmn, this had better be a joke’, I said to myself.
So I travelled down and started attending classes, confident that my name will come out on the supplementary list. Call it ‘mumu’ action, maybe it was, but deep down I knew I would rather stupidly move forward than remain stagnant.
Fast forward to some weeks later, supplementary list came out, but Oyebamiji Esther Ajoke was nowhere to be found on the list. ‘This must be a film trick!’ So I called four different people to help check through the list. The things you do when you are confused sha! Well, they confirmed what I knew already.
I was devastated. God knows I studied hard, even in the midst of my hectic work at a restaurant. I deserved that admission, or so I thought. Also, I knew my miserable state was costing me focus, happiness, my signature zest for life, but all hope just seemed to have faded into thin air.
Finally, I decided that I couldn’t remain in this state anymore. So I made a decision to go see the VC of the school, someone I did not know from Adam. I also decided to shut down the voice that kept playing in my head, ‘what if, what if, what if??’ in the place of prayer.
And guess what happened!
I gained audience; successfully convinced a woman well known for being strict that I was qualified for admission, gained admission into the most competitive department, and the rest is history! (Did I mention that she initially declared she was going to throw my tiny legs out of her office for such effrontery?😀)
By the way, I didn’t use juju oh, neither did I use otumokpo. I got the result I wanted in my career because I was clear about what I wanted and took action. And it didn’t just stop at gaining admission; I have leveraged the power of clarity and direction to develop myself, get job offers, and build a network of like-minded folks who help me grow. This is the kind of privilege I want you to have because you deserve it too, if you are struggling in this area.
Do you need guidance to clearly define the kind of job/career you should be aiming for?
Do you desire to take control of your life and career, but you feel some things are holding you back e.g. disability, status, background, fear, education, access to fund, lack of information, past mistakes…..?
As an undergraduate, fresh graduate or corp member, are you scared of the high unemployment rate in the labor market?
Have you been out of work for a while, and seriously need to get a job?
Have you discovered your path in life but need to make money?
Then Let us talk!
For the next 3 weeks, I will be holding free 30-minutes online sessions with 20 interested persons. This is on a first come, first serve basis. So please click on the link below to sign up now
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PS: These online sessions are not job interviews…lol. Neither are they intended to be a recruitment drive. The intent is to show you HOW to get results in your work life.
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Culled from Peer Resources

Not everyone will make the same mistake I did. I skied into an area that was posted as dangerous. A week later I woke up in hospital with a permanent injury to my spinal cord. I would never be able to walk, let alone ski. I was in constant pain. As far as I was concerned my life was over. I would need a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I would forever be dependent on others; no driving my car, no job, no dating, etc. Who would want to be with a cripple? I know I wouldn’t. I had visitors for awhile, but eventually they stopped coming. My attitude and condition was probably too much for them. I felt completely helpless, hopeless, and despondent. One day a guy with a grey beard wheeled in to see me. He crashed right into my bed and let out a cheery, “Whoops!” That was my introduction to Matt. He lost his legs in a car crash. He knew what I was thinking before I knew it myself. But he listened to my self-pity and endless complaining. And he always asked me, at the end of my diatribe, “What do you want to do about it?” Often he would share with me what he did about it—the struggles, the frustrations, the disappointments. He told me about his job in a computer warehouse, about his play-making ability on a wheels basketball team, and he told me about the wonderful relationship he had with his girlfriend. But mostly he listened and challenged me to get on with my life. I’m playing on the same basketball team now, and I even outscored him.
N.W Read more

Why has the Lion remained the king of the jungle and the Eagle the king of the air?

The answer is the simplest you can imagine. Successive successful mentoring is what had led to their successive successful succession. From a very young age, the cub is taught how to hunt and kill. Initially the learning is restricted to “stand by and watch while the pros do it” and gradually as the cub advances in age, it starts to participate gradually by joining the hunting team. Sharpening it’s skills by hunting smaller animals like rabbits but remaining hopeful to one day be able to join the buffalo killer squad. To become another king of the jungle. Read more