Better Nigeria?

Some of us grew up to the phrase so much it became a cliché. We said it to one another so easily yet doubted so strongly it could ever happen. So common and popular came the songs with it. It has always been our desire and it became our anthem. Just that we couldn’t profess it to reality like the Christians teach.

E go better! E go better!! E go better!!!

We keep saying this. But do we believe and do we work at making it a reality? Oh do we just pay lip service and hope for some magic. Do we show through our actions that we want a better Nigeria? From what I’ve noticed over the years, what we end up doing is praying for the country with our tongue  every morning only to curse it with our actions daily. Still hoping and praying for a messiah after crucifying the ones we have had. Hoping for a better country, yet we keep destroying the one we have.


It’s always a leadership problem at the end of the day even when you dump refuse in your drainage and your house floods in the rain. We are quick to hold the government responsible and are right to do so most of the time. However, let us ask ourselves a simple question – Do you do enough as a citizen towards the success of the Nigerian Brand (something I will be talking about in a later post). Are you even proud of your country? If someone asks you to say two cool things about yourself; Will one of it be the fact that you are Nigerian?


Some of us even go the extra length to curse the country to the extent we write our country and the only place we can truly call home  off.  Can that country ever be good? That country is done for.  Nigeria is finished. These are some of the things we say which I don’t blame most of us for. One other thing that amazes me is the speed at which we are ready and willing to spread bad news about our country and the inertia experienced in showcasing the beautiful part of the country. We do all these only to blame the world for painting us badly. The truth is we washed our linens in the public eye and should not go defensive when the public sees our underpants.


The truth is nothing is gonna change today until we change our thinking, actions and way of life as a whole. Our country is to blessed to be poor and it is not the responsibility of any single person to ensure we fulfill our potential. It is a collective responsibility that must be painstakingly achieved for our sake and for the generations that come after us. Some people wonder how I’m always very eager to tell people about my country. Someone once asked me where I was from and I answered – The best country in the world. Another asked me to say  two cool things about myself. I said, I am Nigerian and I write. Let’s all make it a point today to live proud and stay proud of our country.


One good way is to start showing the good parts of the country. Let people see the good in the land and not the bad. Make our country the attractive place it is (talking about the Nigerian brand). Do we have issues? Oh yes a lot of it but so does every other country. Even the so called greener pastures have more than us but we still wanna run there. Why? Because they have a brand and know how to sell it and have sold it well even over the years. It is time to show the world the Nigerian brand.


Stop the passive “E go better” and turn it to “I go better to make Nigeria better”. You see something pretty, take a picture, write about it or speak about it. Post it online, let the world see your beautiful Nigeria and let us all show, work towards and assure a better Nigeria.


John Kuforiji

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