Driven by Passion – Doing what You Love

I remember when a friend asked me “John, how are you finding work?”, (in this part of the world, there is a thin line between job and work so most of the time when someone asks about work or job they mean the same thing) without thinking,  I responded and told him that work was good and I was enjoying it but I would not mind another job. In simple words, I loved what I did but I wasn’t really satisfied with the job.

About two years ago I left a job in an oil and gas firm with promising opportunities to come work with my current employer, an IT solutions company. All I did was follow my dream. I had always wanted to be a Project Manager in an IT firm and the new job offered me the opportunity to achieve this even though I had to accept some pay-cut. It was a price to pay on my way to fulfilling my dreams. My acceptance of this new role was based on my passion for IT and Project Management. How my passion was triggered in both fields will be discussed in the part two of this write-up.

In life, especially when choosing a career, it is always good to let your passion drive your decisions rather than money or benefits that might be attached. I loved my work, I enjoyed doing it.  My achievements and the people I met on the job, those I was able to serve, the smiles of satisfaction from my customers were some of the things that continually spurred me on. It got me out of bed in the morning and kept me beyond the closing hours (the same way my passion to contribute with my writing keeps me up late).

My love for what I did was stronger than any issue I had with the job or my boss. I would have done it even if I wasn’t paid. That should be what drives us. Your passion is what will make you do what you love for free. Money is good but shouldn’t be the reason for taking that job. Money will not keep you going in the face of frustration but your passion will, no matter what.  Take a look at the story of Bob Taylor and you will see the impact of passion and how it brought a man success.

Let us put our passion ahead in our careers and we will be on the right path with success on the horizon. Many times people come to me for advice on exams to write, courses to study and businesses they can do.  I always do have one answer for them. Make sure you are doing what you love and not for the money or the benefits you will gain. Nobody ever said the journey will be an easy one and it is usually the opposite. What can keep you going in the face of challenges and adversaries is your passion – your love for the dream. This is the adrenaline your goal requires to be achieved. If you are happy with what you do, you will always be successful.

I close with this wise words from a John .C. Maxwell book “success doesn’t bring happiness but happiness brings success”. The goal to being successful is being happy with what you do.  Remember, it is never too late to start or start all over.

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