A relationship in of itself can be hard. Add entrepreneurship into the mix, and it can get complicated. It takes a special kind of person to be an entrepreneur. You have to be self-motivated and driven by a bigger why. You have to ignore your doubts and fear and leave a more secure work situation for the roller coaster ride that owning a business can bring. It takes an even more special person to enter into a relationship with an entrepreneur. Read more

This topic can seem juvenile, especially to people who don’t play video games. However, as Michelle and I dug into the idea, we realized that the answer to this guy’s question could really apply to any hobby that requires any type of commitment. So, if you’re not a gamer, maybe you love soccer or softball, maybe you’re in a band, or you’ve committed to a team of other volunteers at a soup kitchen. Some of these hobbies may appear to have more intrinsic value to the outside world – it’s good for your health… it’s noble to serve others… but his question isn’t about which hobby he should have. He is asking about something specific that he enjoys – video games. Read more

Have you ever been in a fight that you knew was going nowhere? Have you ever been in a fight that you knew was going nowhere AND you wanted it to end, but couldn’t figure out how to stop bickering? The way a couple ends a fight says a lot about the quality of their relationship and the stability of their marriage. Dr. John Gottman, the foremost researcher on marriage, calls these fight ending techniques “Repair Attempts” and says the way they are delivered and whether or not they are received can predict the longevity of the relationship! Read more

Is “Happily ever after…” even a thing?

That’s the question that’s given me insomnia over the last three years. Sometimes I lose sleep for a week, tossing and turning going over the stats and stories of divorce over and over again in my mind. Is it possible for anyone to actually stay married? And, if they manage to stay together, can they also be happy and not just suffering through life together? Who even came up with this phrase “Happily ever after…”? Had they experienced it themselves? Read more