Avenues to increase your income or double your pay is something most of us look for. A lot of us do not derive full satisfaction from our 8 to 5 activities and always look for something to do on the side that will fulfill our inner desires for satisfaction. While a lot of employers discourage this and some will even advice you it is better to go all in and leave what you have at the moment, the reluctance to leave the bird in hand and go for the more promising two in the bush is always quite high. Read more

By Sherrie Campbell 

Discipline is the greatest obstacle in preventing most people from achieving the levels of success they desire. Take a moment to process that if you had the discipline to do everything you knew you should do, even when you did not feel like doing it, how much more successful you will be in achieving your personal and professional goals. Discipline is the most challenging habit to do consistently, which is why employers reward it more than any other. Read more

When it comes to marketing content to local customers, you have to take a unique approach – the tactics that work for big businesses aren’t going to resonate with the target audience in your town. So what do you need to do differently? Here, I’ll discuss a new approach for marketing content to local customers. Read more

A relationship in of itself can be hard. Add entrepreneurship into the mix, and it can get complicated. It takes a special kind of person to be an entrepreneur. You have to be self-motivated and driven by a bigger why. You have to ignore your doubts and fear and leave a more secure work situation for the roller coaster ride that owning a business can bring. It takes an even more special person to enter into a relationship with an entrepreneur. Read more

As an entrepreneur, life is already a bit more stressful without difficult life circumstances. Throw in a family illness and a new move while building a business, a position I found myself in this past year, and it can all become a bit too overwhelming. Although things can be tough, an important realization you have to make is that stress is a manageable and temporary condition. By giving your body what it needs, you can ensure that your mind is at its optimal state to take on the world, your business or simply get through the day. Managing stress is a conscious choice and an important one in overcoming obstacles. As we all know, tough times don’t last, but tough people do. As a Registered Dietitian, I reached into my professional toolkit to find ways to keep myself in tip-top shape, which has helped me keep my mind focused and helped steer my company into its best year yet. Read more

One of the biggest roadblocks to success is the fear of failure. Fear of failure is worse than failure itself because it condemns you to a life of unrealized potential.

A successful response to failure is all in your approach. In a study recently published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, researchers found that success in the face of failure comes from focusing on results (what you hope to achieve), rather than trying not to fail. While it’s tempting to try and avoid failure, people who do this fail far more often than those who optimistically focus on their goals. Read more