My brother once said to me, “the good ones will always leave”. At the time I had some challenges at work. I had felt the environment wasn’t conducive for me to excel and was searching for other opportunities. One thing that worries me at the time was not the quantity of people that left the organization at the time but also the quality. When highly trained and experienced staff leave in troves, it is never a good sign. Read more

Some of us grew up to the phrase so much it became a cliché. We said it to one another so easily yet doubted so strongly it could ever happen. So common and popular came the songs with it. It has always been our desire and it became our anthem. Just that we couldn’t profess it to reality like the Christians teach. Read more

Walking in a weather so cold and windy with the earth hard like stone. Covered in ice and uneven is the ground. A difficult walk and a hard work breathing, yet I pace across determined to reach my goal. Road signs covered in ice. Strong winds keeping your eyes closed and heads bowed. Hoping it ends soon is a prayer you muster for the sunshine and bright day. So sad it’s five months away. Read more

Going through the online news media in an attempt to stay abreast of what is happening back home, I was glad when I read our President had launched the “Change Begins with Me” campaign. Oh Finally! We have decided to implement what change really is, I said. I have always said in a few of my writings and discussions with friends on issues like this that the true change we need is a change of the mind – a change in how we think and do things. Every other change will only end up in total failure if we do not change our mentality as Nigerians. Read more

So long yet so short,
With the ability to crawl and fly,
So cheap yet quite costly,
It is given freely but spent like money.

I had a discussion with a dear friend of mine as I planned to take a long trip which was going to last for a while. It meant we weren’t going to see each other for a very long while with a possibility of never. Well just a possibility. She commented, ‘’that’s quite long’’. My response came like an opened tap which water hasn’t flown through for a while, only for water to suddenly begin to gush out. I said “so long, so short, the irony of time”. Even for me the one who uttered the phrase, it was a case of ‘talking’ before ‘thinking’. The usual order is ‘thinking’ before ‘talking’ I believe. Read more

I remember when a friend asked me “John, how are you finding work?”, (in this part of the world, there is a thin line between job and work so most of the time when someone asks about work or job they mean the same thing) without thinking,  I responded and told him that work was good and I was enjoying it but I would not mind another job. In simple words, I loved what I did but I wasn’t really satisfied with the job. Read more